What Is the Legal Definition of the Word Prosecution

Britannica.com: An encyclopedia article on law enforcement means participating in something or pursuing it until its completion, such as a government`s intention to go to war. Prosecuting is most often used to bring legal action against an accused person or group. (n. 1) in criminal law, the lawyer of the government who charges and hears the case against a person accused of a crime. 2) a common term for the side of the government in a criminal case, such as in «the prosecution will present five witnesses» or «the prosecution is stayed» (closed their file). (See: Public Prosecutor`s Office, Public Prosecutor`s Office) See the full definition of law enforcement in the dictionary of English language learners Prosecute comes from the Latin, «prosesutus», which means «to follow after». A district attorney will often prosecute by bringing charges and prosecutions against a person or group (watch any TV legal drama, and the prosecutor`s office will undoubtedly prosecute at some point). A company can sue by protecting itself from damage. Law enforcement should not be confused with the word persecution, which means harass or repress. As San Diego prepares to prosecute people who have participated in protests, camera footage from streetlights could be useful not only for local authorities, but also for the attorney general`s office.

In a statement, she said the letter should never have been sent and that her office would not prosecute a journalist or force him to disclose sources. Follow him, and you can promise to blow yourself up in any theater house in the city. Pursue the boy, and you put him in jail and spend more money; You will not receive any. The office also prosecutes all crimes in the city of San Diego. She called it «outdated» and said the city`s assistant prosecutors would not prosecute anyone for it. LAW ENFORCEMENT, crim. The means used to bring an alleged perpetrator to justice and punish him. 2. Prosecutions shall be conducted on behalf of the Government and shall have as their primary objective the safety and happiness of persons in general. Rapacious. B.

2, ca. 25, p. 3; Ferry. From. Indictment, A 3.3. The modes normally used to prosecute them are by indictment; 1 chit. Cr. Act, 132; Presentation of a grand jury; Ibid.133; coroner`s review; Ibid. 134; and through information.

Empty Merl Relevant. word accusation. My office has never prosecuted and will never prosecute a journalist or force him to disclose confidential sources. .


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